When To Start Potty Training?


There are a myriad of factors that determine when you should start potty training your Poo-Logixchild. There are often conflicting opinions and research about the question, making coming to a conclusion about it much harder. On average, potty training for boys will take longer than potty training for girls, but what is the right age to start? This is a complicated question. In a lot of places, mostly countries outside of the United States and Europe like China, parts of Africa and India, an infant is taught toilet training very early, oftentimes weeks after birth, though this training is usually not what Americans or Europeans would traditionally call “potty training.”

In America, parents usually wait until eighteen months to even start the basics of potty-training and children wear diapers up to four years of age. In the past, most children in American did not wear diapers by the time they were eighteen months, but today the average age that children are finally out of diapers is three years old or thirty-six months….Read more



10 Signs Your Toddler is ready for Potty Training

Potty training for girls and boys is one of those writs of passage parents believe children should be ready for my 2 years old. Though toddlers develop the skills to become potty trained between 2 and 4 years old, there is no specific age determinant for when a child is ready for potty training. It is best to begin potty training before your child is 30 months.

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How to Potty Train Boys

Potty training your child can be a difficult time, especially for boys. Potty training for boys typically takes two months longer for boys than it does for girls. It’s best to start when your son shows an interest and is physically able to. Some children may be ready to start training as soon as eighteen months, but some may not be ready until or even after their third birthday. Attempting potty training to soon can take longer.
Toddlers learn by imitating and watching you use the bathroom so a first step in potty training can be watching. If he sees that daddy and mommy use the potty differently, this can create a segue to explain the basic way that boys use the bathroom. It’s important to use anatomically correct names when explaining potty training so that your son does not begin to think that genitals are something that are embarrassing.
Many children struggle with potty training because they do not have the right equipment. There are many potty training accessories available out there to help you and your child. A child size potty is usually thought of as the best way to go. Some toddlers are afraid of using the toilet because it is too big for them and they fear that they could fall in. An adapter seat for a regular toilet is also a popular option. An adapter seat or child potty are then eventually phased out.
Popular picture books like Everyone Poop by Taro Gomi or Uh, Oh! Gotta Go! can help a child grasp how to use the potty. If difficulties persist, it may be time to contact a professional potty training specialist or attend a class like the ones offered by PooLogix.
A core part of potty training your child is implementing a schedule. Many people decide on use the back and forth method which involves switching between diapers and underpants. Some parents opt to go cold turkey meaning underwear full time. Though of course with the cold turkey method, it means that you will probably be cleaning up a lot of accidents. Sometimes your son’s doctor may recommend a method that he or she thinks may be the best.
It’s important through this whole process to remember to be patient with your child. While you may want your child to be potty trained tomorrow, it’s important to remember that it’s a process that takes time. Implementing a reward system and giving your child a toy or piece of candy for using the potty can help to speed things up.

Helpful Potty Training Tips for Boys

Little boy potty training can be notoriously difficult. While potty training for boys can begin at the same time as girls, usually somewhere between eighteen and thirty months, boys often take two months longer on average according to research from the University of Michigan Health Service. Typically, it’s constructive to ask yourself a few questions about your child before beginning potty training. According to the Mayo Clinic, your child should be able to do most of the following: walk and sit on a toilet, pull down his pants and pull them back up again, stay dry for up to two hours, understand and follow basic instructions, communicate when he needs to go and have interest in the toilet. Here are some tips to make the process as smooth as possible

Patience: The process of potty training is not an easy one and will not occur overnight. Potty training, like any other skill, is learned and takes time to master. Be patient with your little one, provide with lots of support and give them time to learn the skill.

A Reward System: A way to increase motivation to begin potty training is using a reward system.  This could mean providing a sweet trait, access to their favorite video, or extra play time for eliminating in the toilet. Of course, with something like this, it’s important to tailor it to your child’s needs. What’s their favorite snack or toy? Maybe give them a new one of those for a whole day gone on the toilet. Maybe something even bigger for a whole week gone on the toilet. This way they begin to feel positively motivated towards using the toilet.

Smart Reminders: Several products exist out there like the “Potty Watch” which through lights and music, reminds the child to use the bathroom every so often. This can be a great tool. Many other products like it exist too. A simple timer could work as well so that your child gets in the habit of going to the toilet every couple of hours or so as they would once they were potty trained.

Next Steps: If none of these tips help, it may be time to look for a potty training expert nearby. They can help you understand the methods and strategies that you may be missing to help train your toddler.


Make Your Child Ready for Potty Training

There is such a barrage of methods and data on the market it can get very overwhelming. Now I am teaming up with extra pediatric Occupational Therapist and Physical Therapists in the Working Skills for Children 12-month string to talk about this issue and that I shall specifically be speaking about how to make your child ready for potty training (and perhaps yourself).

Lookup Your Child

Seeing my child, it was pointless to test out potty training before she was ready. In case you begin too early and they’re not ready, it will require twice as much time to perform. If you obey your child, then they will have the ability to allow one to determine which way of potty training or toileting will continue to work best for your own relatives or situation.

Start Reading Books

Additionally, I started taking my woman in the bathroom together she may observe the procedure and start to understand what things to do within there. She regularly wanted to shoot her “potty book” within with her and see it while she yells.

If a child has sensory or behavioral responses by being at the restroom surroundings, you may want to take a look at the other articles in the Functional Skills for kiddies Treatment website jump now for more descriptive ideas and hints.

Make the Environment

You are going to desire to experience your bathroom areas at house and begin looking at them by the point of view of a person’s child. Is something overly large? Address all them prior to starting professional potty training with your child. A few things we did your toilet was made sure that a step faces was reachable all the time in addition to the potty chair or step stool which my child managed to sit back on the toilet.

Hand-washing Independence

Normally alongside toileting or potty training includes washing machine. This is a location I will perhaps focus up to providing items that promote more freedom, exactly like a soap dispenser easier on her to use, her towel attainable etc. Furthermore, make sure there is surely a means to allow the child to reveal the water away and they are able to attain their arms into your water. A measure sink or stool extender might be beneficial. Security including all the water can be also significant, teaching your child alluring from chilly. You might offer a larger colored ribbon to spend the sink arms supporting each side so that your child knows that may be hot.

Your child may shy away from certain cups, therefore, make sure the towels are either possibly a feel they could survive. My daughter has recently decided she won’t love tags about anything so you might want towels without any tags if that’s an issue. After we began, we had a supplementary potty seat in the living room if we couldn’t make it to the restroom as time passes. I tried to maintain this to a time that I wanted her to connect the restroom with actually visiting the restroom, perhaps not in the living room or toilet. But it is going to be predicated on your child and their demands thus bear this in your head as you’re set up.

Additionally, I liked having a container of wipes nearby when toilet-paper was just a little tougher for her to control. The wipes are somewhat thicker and more powerful to continue to, plus they provide a cleaner wipe compared to toilet paper if that is a problem.


What are the requirements for a proper potty training?

Most parents do not have the right idea how to raise their new born child and how to provide them with the proper knowledge and training to grow up to a disciplined and rightly raised kid. So, in such cases, there is much online assistance available for such parents where counselors and trainers will impart the best ways and the right knowledge to them, for the purpose.

One of the many websites available for this purpose is the PooLogix. Under this potty training specialist Los Angeles, you will be able to get help from thoroughly trained and dedicated professionals who will be able to counsel you in ways you did not know and give the right tips like proper sleep training for kids Los Angeles to raise up your child in the best way possible.

What are the requirements for proper potty training?

The most important and the first thing that every parent seeking professional help from counselors regarding potty training should consider is to determine the right training seat or chair. As per the professionals, usage of such seats is of high benefits that allow the child to get accustomed to using adult toilets as they grow up.

Another important supply required for this kind of training is the pants. Every parent should make the decision of using training pants or disposable diapers before they begin their training. The specialists in imparting such training work with the belief that it will be best if parents use pants in place of diapers.

Such training is very vital for every parent as well as the growing up of a child. The PooLogix is the best potty training specialist Los Angeles who also provides the much needed sleep training for kids Los Angeles to parents. They are highly acclaimed among the many others.